Growing up isn't a piece of cake in today's world.

We need good friends to look out for one another.

To encourage us, to challenge us, to just journey with us.

As Catholics, we know that God loves us, and He has big plans for us!

It helps to have friends around who know that about God, and who know that about us.

If you're hoping to meet some new friends, who share the faith,

join our Youth Group today!

Contact one of our Youth Ambassadors below

for more information



Looking out for one another.


Youth Ambassador

Hi I'm Kendall!

I work as a Registered Nurse in the ECU Student Health Services.

I love dogs and reading books. I like going to Mass and understanding more about the faith!

11 years ago my family moved to Perth from the Philippines. You probably remembered my family as the previous 7:30am choir.

I am keen to take young adults in our parish to connect with other young Catholics in Perth.

If you recognise me at Church, feel free to say hi and have a good chat!!



Youth Ambassador

Hi I'm Claire Neill 

I am married to Grant and have two daughters Jayda, 14 and Dayna, 8 years young.

I have been working with charities for many years to raise funds and doing random acts of kindness locally to give people having tough times have hope through my Wall Warriors community page. I have run workshops for women in personal growth and love this immensely.  

I work at the Department of Communities.

My Husband and I made a decision to move to WA 11 years ago and love it here. 

I look forward to meeting new families through our church and helping to build a great ministry for our children and other parish youth to enjoy and grow in.